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Buying a House

The HomeDime Pledge

We started HomeDime with the idea that working with real estate professionals isn't about working with someone you know or conveniently met, but rather working with someone you can trust and believe in. Someone that can turn on a dime and adjust to you. 

Our Pledge is to connect you with people that value our vision, and most importantly, your vision with selling or buying your home. With over 1.46 million Realtors, there is a multitude of ways to meet an agent, but only the top 10% of Realtors conduct 80% of the business. 

Additionally, we're committed to providing you the tools and resources you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Don't just find an agent, find your HomeDime Agent.


Ryan Francis, Co-founder

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We are names you can trust.

Ryan has helped tens of thousands of people achieve financial success through social media. He is the author of Foundations for Financial Freedom and has been featured in Forbes, CNBC,, and Bankrate. Ryan has built a trusted name in the personal finance industry. He is a firm believer that with hard work, financial education, grit, and determination, anyone can succeed at personal finance and is on a mission to help others.

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Evan Compean, Co-founder

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Evan is the founder of The Compean Group, as well as an investor, builder, and private lender. With over 200 5-star reviews  & 600+ transactions, he's gained the experience to know what 5-star service is. Throughout all his business ventures, his goal has been to provide above-par service to create a "5-star" transaction. continues that and teams up with other top professionals.

Homes with a purpose

At HomeDime, it's not just about helping you get into your dream home, it's about helping make the world a better place. 


We commit to donating a portion of our revenue every single year to charitable causes that we hold near and dear to our hearts. 


Additionally, we are committed to helping improve financial literacy, especially in underserved communities. 

Volunteers on Construction Site
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